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We were so flattered when Jordan & Abbe (who are videographers themselves) asked us to film their big day! It’s always a bit nerve wracking when shooting for someone who does the same thing as you every weekend, but everything came together flawlessly. Their vows were so heartfelt, and you can’t ask for a better venue than The White Sparrow!

Anna & Eric are in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, and for their wedding they chose to have it in Ann Arbor, Michigan – a wonderful, cute college town where the University of Michigan resides. They contacted us one day after seeing one of our films featured on a blog, and we immediately hit it off! Brad especially enjoyed chatting Trek with Eric, and Anna told us about some of the Polish traditions that would be at the wedding, as her family is largely from Poland. We got really excited when she told us they would be having The Simone Band, a group from New York that plays a mix of American & Polish dance music.

When we got to Ann Arbor we had the chance to get acquainted a bit with the town. We saw a film at the Michigan Theater, which was built in 1928! We also got the chance to grab coffee and chat for an hour or two with Anna & Eric’s sweet photographer, Kelly Benvenuto. Kelly is from Boston, and was so amazing to work with! We spent the rest of the day capturing some aerial shots and time lapses, and then had Sushi for dinner at a place called Totoros (as in, My Neighbor Totoro! Awesome film, if you haven’t seen it).

The wedding day was truly remarkable. While it was a long day for us (12+ hours), the time went by super fast because something was always going on! The Polish traditions were super cool, especially at the beginning of the reception where two shots are given to the bride & groom – one of water, and one of vodka. Whoever drinks the vodka is said to be the one to “wear the pants in the family” – and it was Anna! We jammed out all night with The Simone Band, who was just stunning. Seriously, it was so much fun getting to experience them in action!

Special thanks to Anna & Eric for seeking us out – destination weddings are always a blast! We were happy to represent Texas on their squad of vendors! 😀